We advise various different kinds of bets, as can be found below:

NAP - The NAP is our best bet of the day. The term comes from the card game Napoleon where the 'nap hand' was considered unbeatable. We will advise one NAP every single day, and is our most confident chance of a winner, but unlike the card game, every horse is beatable, so remember that when betting!

NEXT BEST - As the title suggests, the Next Best (NB) is our second most confident chance of a winner on the day, behind the NAP.

IWAC - In With A Chance. This is where we will advise a horse at longer odds where you can bet at a nice each way price!

LUCKY 15 - A total of four horses which you can bet in a Lucky 15. What is a Lucky 15? A Lucky 15 is a total of 15 bets, with 4 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, and 1 Four Fold. Most bookmakers offer a bonus for getting only one winner, and a bonus if you get all four winners! BetFred offer Treble The Odds for one winner, so we recommend betting your Lucky 15s with them!

EW Double - An Each Way Double is a fantastic bet, where you have a double on two horses on both the win part of the bet, and the place part of the bet. There is fantastic value to be had on these bets!